Blow Moulders Gain A Competitive Advantage With Optiblo®


Blow Moulders Gain A Competitive Advantage With Optiblo®

More and more blow moulders are choosing Optiblo®, Silvergate’s ground-breaking range of colour masterbatch, to improve both product quality and production processes. If you have yet to trial this innovative product range, how can you be sure you will get the very best from its advanced technology?

Many blow moulders and end users operating worldwide are quickly becoming aware of the many benefits offered by Optiblo®. Silvergate states it can slash cycle times and increase productivity by 20%, as well as eliminating die lines and improving the surface finish of a finished product.

Optiblo® is an additive that is engineered into the masterbatch. Not only does Optiblo® improve the overall appearance of the end product but it overcomes many of the most common processing challenges experienced by blow moulders. During processing, the Optiblo® additive coats the machine surface and reduces friction between it and the moulded product. The polymer is therefore extruded more smoothly and at a faster rate.

Optiblo® really comes into its own during the two-stage blow moulding process when the cooling time is shorter than the extrusion time. Once the polymer has been smoothly extruded and blown into the mould, the cooled product can be easily and quickly ejected before moving on to the next shot. This is advantageous whether you are using single or multiple moulds.

By reducing the friction between the extruderand polymer, Optiblo®speeds up output and enables processors to operate at lower temperatures. In doing so, processing costs are significantly reduced. During a recent study carried out by a manufacturer of HDPE shampoo bottles, the processor reduced operating temperatures by 20% and cycle times by 10%. There was a visible reduction in warpage and a gloss improvement of 118%!

In further trials, processors have found that due to the savings achieved during production, Optiblo®more than pays for itself. Ensuring buyers and processors are working together to achieve overall cost savings, Optiblo® can ensure blow moulders reduce expenditure whilst delivering significantly improved results for their customers.

Silvergate Plastics works closely with blow moulders to achieve the best possible results when using Optiblo®. It is available in any colour and can be formulated as a multi-component masterbatch.

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