BPF Initiative Gets Full Support From Silvergate


VTC Silvergate, the Wrexham based UK colour masterbatch arm of British Vita, was one of the first to elect to be a founder member of the newly constituted masterbatch forum, an initiative of the British Plastics Federation.

Tony Bestall, Silvergate’s business manager, said: 

"Although we operate in a very competitive sector of the plastics industry and we at Silvergate are probably more competitive than most, I and my colleagues are very keen to take advantage of a trade association specific to us. There are a number of problems that are industry-wide and these should be faced, indeed often turned into opportunities by the whole industry; and this can only work to the advantage of all players."

He continued:

"A good example is regulatory impact analysis and our sector certainly gets its fair share of regulations; probably the two most current are REACH and Food Contact Legislation. For my part, I see a trade association approach as the best way to protect members from the costly and time wasting results of the law of unintended consequences, which often arrives hard on the heels of new regulations. I am very much looking forward to working with the group and maximising our membership of the British Plastics Federation an organisation, which in my estimation is an effective ambassador for the industry."

VTC Silvergate over the last twelve months has produced a number of initiatives and new products, most notably the development of a range of food contact grades of colour masterbatch; TPE polymer specific to overcome the problems associated with seals containing SEM (Semicarbizide).

Tony concluded:

"It’s this kind of initiative and new product that makes us competitive and different. However, this competitive stance is not going to be compromised by membership of the masterbatch group, rather it will be enhanced."

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