Silvergate Invests In A New Extrusion Line


Silvergate Invests In A New Extrusion Line

Silvergate Plastics has installed a new twin screw, clamshell design extrusion line at its masterbatch manufacturing facility in Wrexham, North Wales.

The colour and additive masterbatch manufacturer continually seeks to explore new production methods and optimise working practices. By installing a technologically advanced clamshell extrusion line, capacity at the facility will increase by 10%. This latest investment is part of the company’s sustainable growth strategy and responds to ever-increasing market demands for faster processing timescales without compromising on quality. The investment coincides with the company’s plans to further its reach across Europe. As such, Silvergate is actively looking for European agents and distributors who can proactively manage opportunities in mainland Europe.

From its manufacturing facility, Silvergate produces a complete range of bespoke and multi-component colour, additive, black and white masterbatches. Products are despatched worldwide in record-breaking timescales. Maintaining – and indeed enhancing – Silvergate’s short lead times were intrinsic to the selection process when purchasing the new extruder. The clamshell design was chosen for the many benefits it offers processers but primarily the fact it can be thoroughly cleaned and maintained incredibly quickly between orders, thereby considerably reducing downtime.

Commenting on the investment, Sandy Bergeson, Managing Director of Silvergate Plastics, said:

“We have always been committed to producing the best quality products and delivering them to our customers faster than any of our competitors. Being able to increase capacity without compromising on our quality and service standards is a priority here at Silvergate. Orders have been steadily increasing for some time and we have been actively searching for the right equipment to enhance our existing infrastructure. This new extruder will bring us many operational advantages, which we look forward to sharing with our customers.”

Having such ease of access to the inner workings of the extruder will ensure the line is kept in impeccable order, which is of paramount importance when processing products used in medical and food contact applications. Sandy continued:

“Obviously all our lines are comprehensively cleaned between orders now but the clamshell design will significantly reduce the time it takes to do so. This means we can respond to complex orders without hesitation, as this line will be ready to accommodate colour and material changes incredibly quickly.

By leveraging the technological benefits offered by this new extrusion system, we are able to respond to ever-increasing demand and process many strictly controlled products in a relatively short timeframe. Our mission is to be the most valuable masterbatch supplier to each and every one of our customers and this investment backs our commitment to maintaining the highest operating standards.”

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