Silvergate’s New ‘Optiblo®’ Colour Range Revolutionises Blow Moulding Processes


Silvergate’s New ‘Optiblo®’ Colour Range Revolutionises Blow Moulding Processes

Silvergate Plastics has launched ‘Optiblo®’, a revolutionary range of colour masterbatch designed to significantly reduce cycle times and improve the surface finish of blow moulded parts.

This advanced technology brings extensive benefits to polymer processors working within blow moulding. It works to eradicate many common processing problems by eliminating die build up, enhancing pigment dispersion, and improving both wall thickness uniformity and dimensional stability. What is most attractive to many processors is that Optiblo® can increase output and lower energy requirements, saving substantial operating costs.

Optiblo® works by reducing friction against metal surfaces, which enables melt to smoothly flow at a faster rate. By improving pigment dispersion and eliminating die build up, this new colour masterbatch offers many benefits to manufacturers producing bottles, drums, oil containers and so on.  It also reduces warp on large parts, and reduces energy consumption by allowing the processor to operate at lower temperatures.

Optiblo® not only facilitates the manufacture of a better product in less time, it does so by reducing energy and processing costs. This new range also enables faster colour changes, which is another benefit for processors to relish!

The launch of this product comes at a time when Silvergate is seeing an increasing demand from processors wanting raw materials that enhance operating efficiencies. This trend is rising not only in the UK but across the Continent. Giuseppe Chiacchio, Silvergate’s Export Sales Manager explains:

"Our customers want quality products quickly, that hasn’t changed. What has changed is a need to improve their own operating practices by introducing high performing raw materials to their manufacturing processes. As a supply chain partner keen to support our customers’ goals, we have responded to their needs by introducing Optiblo® to our vast range of products. We have listened and understood the challenges many processors face when moulding at high temperatures. Many of the inherent problems include flow lines, poor surface finish and die build up. Optiblo® is a colour masterbatch that helps to prevent these factors from occurring. What is really exciting is the fact that Optiblo® enables the polymer to flow far faster and much smoother, even at low temperatures. This reduces energy demands, eliminates die lines in 15 minutes and increases output. We believe Optiblo® will become the preferred choice in colour masterbatch for many blow moulding producers."

Silvergate’s new Optiblo® range is available in any colour. Its many outstanding features result in greater productivity, significant cost advantages and better finished products.

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