Tony Bestall Launches First Book, Welcome to the Masterclass


Tony Bestall Launches First Book, Welcome to the Masterclass

Masterbatch manufacturing expert Tony Bestall has launched his first book, which aims to highlight and share best practices when colouring plastics. Welcome to the Masterclass offers processors, purchasers and specifiers everything they need to know about buying and using solid masterbatch, whilst dispelling myths and revealing industry secrets along the way.

Commenting on his reason for writing the book, Tony said:

Welcome to the Masterclass outlines the basics of formulating and using masterbatch, whilst explaining how to overcome some of the most common challenges faced by processors and buyers today. By sharing best practices, my primary aim was to help them receive fit for purpose and cost-effective products from their suppliers. I couldn’t find any other document that provided this information, so I decided to write my own jargon-free guide.”

Tony believes that anyone who buys, uses or has an interest in masterbatches will benefit from the book. It has been deliberately pitched at a level to suit everyone, regardless of their experience and knowledge of the industry. Tony said:

“I’ve tried to include all aspects of the colouring process, including the formulation and manufacture of solid masterbatch, as well as the various ways to overcome common problems and optimise processing techniques. I have also included a summary of how solid masterbatch compares to alternative colouring systems and why it stands out as the preferred choice for so many manufacturers of plastic components. I hope there is something of interest to everyone.”

Tony is CEO of Silvergate Plastics, which has been hailed the UK’s largest independent supplier of solid masterbatch. He has enjoyed a successful 30-year career in the plastics industry, during which time he has pioneered innovative manufacturing techniques by daring to test theories and explore unconventional ideas. In doing so, he has enhanced the aesthetics of thousands of plastic products, whilst improving the production processes and operating costs of worldwide processors. Reflecting on some of his career highlights, Tony commented:

“I thought buying Silvergate Plastics and saving it from the threat of a competitor buy-out would have been my greatest achievement. It was a challenging time; raising the money and negotiating a complex deal wasn’t easy. However, I’m most proud of all the things that have happened since then. Silvergate survived the financial crisis of 2008, is currently navigating its way through the uncertainty of Brexit and is continuing to offer support for the frontline efforts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We have very recently achieved more than I ever thought possible twelve years ago. In November 2020 alone, we sold over £1 million worth of product. Considering we were selling an average of £350k a month at the point of acquisition, this has to be my proudest moment to date. This has probably been the most defining moment in my career and that success would not have been achieved without the input and unrelenting efforts of our entire team and the support of our customers and suppliers.

“The plastics industry continues to face difficult times. Brexit has brought a new set of challenges and the global pandemic is showing no signs of abating. Whilst it’s a small contribution, I hope the content of this book will benefit its users to find better and easier ways to produce quality plastic components. The initial feedback from the industry has been positive and I’m delighted to say that some companies have requested additional copies!”

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