Workplace Wellbeing - An employee perspective


Workplace Wellbeing - An employee perspective

Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Silvergate's priority has been the health and wellbeing of our team. The manufacturing facility was already configured to accommodate social distancing practices, as the manned stations have always been adequately spaced out. However, to ensure the safety of the remaining workforce, office staff were offered the opportunity to work from home where possible. Lisa Thomas, our New Sales & Product Development Coordinator, chose to continue working in the office, as her parts of her role required her to be onsite. Here, she explains why she opted to stay office-based throughout a global pandemic.

"I am one of only a handful of staff to continue working in the office full time during the last few months. I class myself as fortunate to have been able to continue my usual daily routine, as the thought of being isolated at home with three young children to homeschool was quite daunting! 

"Right from the start of the pandemic, senior managers at Silvergate were quick to educate themselves about the ever-changing information and guidelines being issued by the Government. Notices were displayed on every staff notice board from the outset to keep everyone informed. Social distancing measures were implemented with two metre distance markers clearly marked throughout the facility to ensure staff safety. PPE and hand sanitiser were a priority and, as our usual supplier inevitably struggled to keep up with demand, both Tony and Sandy were quick to explore all possible options to ensure we had a continuous supply.

"As the pandemic sadly took hold and lockdown ensued, those who could work from home were encouraged to do so. I was given this opportunity but as there are elements of my role that require me to be onsite, I opted to come in as usual. Due to all the stringent safety measures put in place, there has not been one day I've felt at risk coming in to work.

"Tony and Sandy worked between the office and home, which ensured at least one was in the office each day. This was subtle but effective reassurance that we were not being asked to work in an environment that they didn't feel safe to work in themselves.

"It has been a crazy few months but we have a great team of people here. It has been so busy and, whilst we may look a little dishevelled with a few more grey hairs, we have all worked well together. Given the nature of the virus and its impact on the economy, we are thankfully still here to tell the tale and I'm proud to have played a role in keeping Silvergate operational during such an unprecedented time."


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