Moulding Technical Compliance With Processing Advancements


Moulding Technical Compliance With Processing Advancements

When it comes to manufacturing blow moulded bottles and jars for the food and drink industry, processors require their supply chain to comply with rigorous regulations. Whilst many suppliers deliver approved products, it is unusual to find a material manufacturer that can provide a technically advanced solution to slash cycle times, improve product appearance and meet the toughest demands of EU 10/2011 and FDA regulations.

Yet that is exactly what Silvergate Plastics is able to offer blow moulders with its revolutionary range of colour masterbatch, Optiblo®. Hailed the UK’s largest manufacturer of custom colour masterbatch, Silvergate also has the technical expertise to develop bespoke additives that enhance both product performance and production processes.

For all masterbatch orders that are to be used in applications that come into contact with food or drink, Silvergate implements strict controls from the outset of the manufacturing process. Pigments, additives and polymers are carefully selected to adhere with the requirements of both EU 10/2011 and FDA regulations. Any approved ingredients that contain SMLs (specific migration limits) will be declared at the time of sale for complete transparency. Processors can therefore enjoy peace of mind that the formulation fulfils industry requirements.

The advantage for blow moulders is that Optiblo’s® formulation fully complies with EU 10/2011 and FDA regulations. This is exciting because it has the ability to reduce cycle times and operating costs by up to 20%! It does this by reducing the friction between the machine surface and polymer melt. The polymer flows more smoothly and at a quicker pace, even at lower temperatures. Available in any colour, Optiblo® overcomes many processing challenges, increases productivity and improves the surface finish of the application.

Commenting on Silvergate’s ability to deliver technically advanced solutions for such a demanding sector, the company’s managing director, Tony Bestall, said:

“At Silvergate, we are continually exploring new ways to assist our customers whether that’s by delivering highly effective yet affordable processing solutions, such as Optiblo®, or pioneering completely bespoke formulations for specific applications. We work closely with our customers to overcome challenges and develop new products. We can also formulate masterbatches to comply with a host of other regulations, including Directive 94/62/EC for Packaging and Packaging Waste, REACH and RoHS. We are proud of our ability to deliver technically-advanced, compliant and performance-enhancing masterbatch for our customers when they need it wherever they are located in the world.”

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